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Grimsby Dock Tower was built and finally completed on 27 March 1852 for the purpose of providing hydraulic power to power machinery such as cranes, lock gates and sluices at Grimsby Docks.



The tower was designed by a man called James William Wild who based got his inspiration from the impressive Torre del Mangia which towers above the Palazzo Pubblico (palace) in Siena, Tuscany.

The tower was opened by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in October 1854.

The tower is 309 feet high and 28 feet wide at the bottom; its walls are 4 feet thick. Around one million bricks made from clay taken from excavations  in the nearby marsh was used in the construction of the tower.


It is a maritime landmark that is instantly recognisable by all the people of Grimsby & Cleethorpes and surrounding area; a particularly good view of the tower can be seen as you leave the A46 Caistor Road approaching  Laceby Road. It even appears in Legoland in Windsor as a miniature version.



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