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The Roman Baths is a historical attraction in the city of Bath, attracting over 1 million visitors each year.

The Roman Baths were constructed in 70 AD as a grand bathing and socializing area, and is now one of the most preserved Roman ruins in the world. With 1,170,000 litres of steaming spring water filling the bath site every day, the Romans believed this was mystical work of the Gods however we have discovered otherwise.

The Roman Baths are below modern street level, hosting 4 major features: The Roman Temple, The Roman Bath House, The Sacred Spring and the Museum holding finds from the Roman Bath.



The Hot Springs form when the water which bubbles up fro the ground at Bath falls as rain on the nearby hills, it then filters through limestone to a depth of between 2,700 and 4,300 metres, this is where geothermal energy increases the temperature to between 69 and 96 Degrees Celsius.




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