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Cleethorpes Pier is an iconic sight when you visit Cleethorpes and for  many a childhood visit signified the start of an exciting day visiting the beach and amusements and walking on the wooden gangway of the pier.

It was built in 1888 as a pleasure pier and originally cost £8,000, which was financed by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (later the Great Central Railway). It comprises a timber deck and pavilion supported on iron piles and was originally 18731,200 feet (370 m) in length (to span the unusually large distance between low and high tide limits). A section was cut out of the wooden decking during the second world war to impede its use in any German invasion.

Historic old pictures of cleethorpes pier


old cleethorpes pier

The original pavilion was destroyed by fire in 1903 but in 1905 a new one was built, halfway along the pier, and also a cafeteria and shops at the entry from the promenade. As with many of the traditional seaside piers in this era, they were used as venues for concerts and dances for the local people.

In 1968, a £50,000 investment made the pavilion one of the most modern on the East Coast. As well as traditional summer shows, it housed wrestling, coin & stamp fairs and dance festivals. The Council sold the pier in 1981 to Funworld of Skegness, who later themselves put the pier up for sale. It was bought by  Mark Mayer who was a nightclub owner for an investment of £300,000,  and on 4 September 1985 it was reopened as ‘Pier 39’ .

It was then re-opened on 1 December 2011 under the ownership of local businessman Alistair Clugston, with the front section being renamed the Tides Bar & Restaurant.

The pier was put back on the market and in July 2013, local businessman Bryan Huxford purchased the pier for Community use and it has since re-opened to the public. Future plans for developing the structure were unveiled that November. The pier closed in late 2014 so that refurbishment could begin, but did not start until March 2015 with an expected re-opening date of July 2015. The pier opened without ceremony in early September and is now a great venue for weddings, functions and afternoon tea.


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