G Denny Builders: Waltham Windmill – Grimsby

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Waltham Windmill is located in a medium size village near Grimsby North East Lincolnshire. The windmill was erected in 1878-1880 by a local man names John Saunderson of Louth. sac kanken The windmill was built using light coloured local bricks and tarred, it has 6 double patent sails and a traditional Lincolnshire ogee (onion shaped cap) but no balcony. goedkoop nikes sm mill The mill presents 2 pairs of french millstones which is used for grinding flour and 2 pairs of derbyshire peak stones used for grinding more coarse materials such as animal feed. Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers UK During the first world war, one of the sails was lost leading to the opposite one removed to balance it (this was done due to the unavailability of timber). New Balance Pas Chers The mill was worked by wind until 1962, then operated for a short while using an electric engine during this time it was producing animal feed. nike air max pas cher Today the windmill is funded by the Waltham Windmill Preservation Society and the Waltham Windmill Trust. chaussures adidas Within the grounds of the windmill there is a miniature railway and a museum of the history and rural life of Grimsby, it also presents a old sweet shop an Indian restaurant and a cafe.

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